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Cash for Gold Halifax

Having spent a lot of time in Halifax myself, I can assure you that even though it is among the smaller cities in Canada, it has its fair share of cash for gold locations. It is important to note this, because while you are visiting some of these locations, they could try to use the fact that there are less options to their advantage and try to get away with offering you a lower price.

As we review and add more and more cash for gold Halifax locations, we will be updating this post. At the time of posting this there is only one that we’ve been in contact with. This company seems to be affiliated with (or a subsidiary of) the cash for gold vancouver business that has been in the news quite a bit recently.

Where to sell gold in Halifax

So getting started, the first company is called Halifax Gold (very appropriate) and they are located at 1461 Brenton St. Their website is halifax gold [dot] ca. These guys seem to be the biggest Halifax cash for gold location, but there are other jewelers around the city that will make you an offer on your gold and jewelry.

One of the other cash for gold halifax companies worth mentioning right now (although we’ve never been in to visit them yet, is Ash Jeweller at 6527 Quinpool Rd. There’s another jeweller on Quinpool as well but they have yet to respond to any of our questions about buying gold.

We recently just heard back from from another company that we initially reached out to called KMG Gold. They owned and operated the website, halifax gold buyer [dot] ca as without doing too much research on them at first, we sent them an email and left a voicemail and waited to hear back. Although we did hear back shortly after, when we asked if we could pop in to speak to them, they said they only dealt online. It turns out that this cash for gold company is actually based out of Winnipeg. Make sure you pay close attention to anything you find online and try to get in to talk to someone in person.

We need your help

We are developing a better directory for the cash for gold Halifax companies to be listed based on our initial review and your feedback. Unfortunately, this is taking a bit longer than planned to have finished. Once we get it up and running we’ll be adding in more cash for gold locations in Halifax.


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