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Welcome to the Cash for Gold Headquarters. We are dedicated to providing you with the best information on getting cash for your gold in Canada. We can help you find the most reputable companies to work with, get the most money for your gold, and walk you through the necessary steps. We are your unbiased source for cash for gold information.
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Cash for Gold Moncton

If you are looking for cash for gold in Moncton New Brunswick, you are in the right spot. We are currently compiling a list of the best paying cash for gold Moncton companies. Although this page will be a work in progress, we do have one recommendation.

This company is located at 1299 Mountain Road. They are called The Parlour and they buy all sorts of scrap gold – basically anything you have that is unused, old, new, broken, whatever, they are paying a decent amount for gold.

While Moncton is often referred to as a smaller city within Canada, it still has a number of cash for gold Moncton companies that operate both solely in Moncton, and across New Brunswick. We are currently in the works to visiting a number of them so we can give you a great selection of potential cash for gold Moncton businesses to deal with.

If you are a local jeweller in Moncton that I have yet to contact, please send an email to and tell me a bit about yourself and your business. I would love to spend some time chatting and getting to know you so we can review and feature you on our website.


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