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Cash for Gold Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a wonderful Canadian city. Although I have never had the pleasure of visiting Niagara Falls, we do have a trip planned for this coming Spring. I’m not 100% sure if we will have enough time to visit any cash for gold Niagara Falls companies (we do have to try to have a life sometimes) but we will definitely try since we’re going to be in the city.

Niagara Falls is huge in tourism and attracts a lot of tourists both Canadian and International. They are known for their Falls and the fact that they border the US and New York. There are a number of casinos in Niagara Falls and from my understanding it is a pretty big party city. Needless to say, this lends itself well to having a good cash for gold industry in Niagara Falls.

There are a number of local gold buyers that operate solely in the city, several others that offer Toronto.

As I mentioned, Niagara Falls cash for gold is a fairly competitive market, so you can expect to get excellent prices for your gold. One of the most popular companies here is one that’s called “We Buy Gold Niagara” (you have to really enjoy all the originality in naming within this industry). This Niagara Falls based cash for gold company is located on Kent Ave. We haven’t heard back from any of the other companies, but they are listed below.

Here is our list of reputable cash for gold Niagara Falls companies. If you buy gold and are located in Niagara Falls, please contact us so we can get you listed on our website.

We Buy Gold Niagara – 4875 Kent Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 1J5
Coins Unlimited – 150 Thorold Rd, Welland, ON L3C 3V4
Niagara Coin and Collectables – 4936 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON, L2E 4C6


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