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Cash for Gold Saskatoon

When it comes to cash for gold Saskatoon options, there are not a whole lot of them, unfortunately. We were not able to find a local Saskatoon-specific boutique or even a reputable pawn shop that is willing to buy our gold. What we did notice is that like many cities we have investigated, there are many companies that claim they operate in Saskatoon but do not actually have a presence in the city.

One of the companies that I have seen pop up in a variety of cities across Canada when we went looking for local cash for gold companies was Vancouver gold. It appears as though they run a series of websites for almost every major city in the Country claiming they offer local services, when really they require you request a gold kit in the mail. It can be a little frustrating if you are looking for a cash for gold Saskatoon location. KMG Gold is another company that tries to set itself up as a local Saskatoon spot but when really they operate mainly online with offices in Winnipeg.

Although we couldn’t find a local gold buyer, we were able to confirm that there are a number of Money Mart’s in the city that are willing to pay you decent money for your gold. Granted, the amount you will receive is not as much as if you sold directly to a refinery but you’ll get comparable amounts that you would if you were selling to a pawn shop.

UPDATE: we stand corrected! Thankfully, we were able to get in contact with a local cash for gold Saskatoon business that is located on Eastman Cove. The company is called The Gold Refinery and although they are National company, they do have a local storefront in Saskatoon.

If you know of any company that we’re missing, or if you buy gold in Saskatoon please email us. We we will continuing to update our list as we get more information and get in contact with more companies.


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